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Scabies treatment cream

scabies treatment cream
scabies treatment cream

Scabies treatment cream

Hello, friends Today we will tell you the whole treatment of itching is very small. And does not appear with the eyes, it keeps making a tunnel on our upper surface. And the chemical element that comes from its body is allergic to our skin and then it is all itchy. scabies treatment cream.

How is scabies disease

Itching is a painful disease that people do not bath for many days. They do not keep their clothes and beds clean, they often get this disease. Those who keep small places together and do not keep clean, they have a lot of diseases. Those people who do not take bath for several days, they get the disease in the whole body. scabies treatment cream.

 Symptoms of scabies

The most disturbing thing in this disease is itching too much. And in the whole body, it is mostly itch at bedtime. Sometimes itching causes skin to become red. And in them small tiny leaves come out, let it be known that the disease of itching occurs in the whole body but not in your head and on the face. scabies treatment cream.

Cure for the scabies

 Treatment of itching disease Itching is very distressing, but its treatment is very simple. To correct this, permethrin cream 5 can use percent to clean this cream from the throat to under the feet before sleeping in the night. Apply it well And wake up in the morning and take bath with hot water and neem soap, this type of infection is cured. scabies treatment cream.

But it takes some time to finish itching. For this, you will eat a tablet, Livro Citragon Tablet, before sleeping 10 days daily, you will not bother to itching and you will get your clothes and your bed all thoroughly with water and hot water. scabies treatment cream.

Will wash. And the clothes should be pressed, all the people in the house should treat them together. Do not take this cream for less than 6 months, but children over 6 months can apply this cream. This cream should not be applied on face and head and should protect your eyes from this. scabies treatment cream.


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